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What is The Appetite Connection all about?

Your appetite transmits a constant stream of messages to you through your feelings that frequently are not about actual hunger. By simply paying attention to "hunger" messages and satiating them with food, you are missing the important communication of your internal guidance system. What is needed is a redefining of your consciousness, understanding that these messages can mean many different things, and that befriending your Appetite will allow you to work with it as a partner rather than against it as an adversary. Because your desires extend far beyond controlling both your food intake and your weight and your Appetite is a conduit for relaying those messages to you, understanding it will transform your Appetite into a positive force, encouraging you along your path to radiant health, joy, balance, and the creation of the delicious life you truly desire.

In The Appetite Connection Dr Denise offers a brand new way of viewing the concepts of Appetite and hunger. She offers a life-changing perspective on the function of your Appetite and how a new understanding can forge dramatic emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Her six step healing process is a profound yet simple list of behavior changes that will irrevocably alter your life for the better:

  • understand why you overeat

  • stop the blame game

  • take 100% responsibility

  • gather your tools

  • craft your personal plan

  • honor yourself

These steps take you on a spiritual journey that leads through the self-questioning and self-discovery needed to determine what your Appetite is telling you and how to attend to your underlying needs so you can work with your Appetite in your own very best interest.


"As a fan of The Taming of the Chew, I am excited about Dr. Denise Lamothe's new book, The Appetite Connection. I know her insights and guidance offer us the wisdom to eat more healthfully. As a longtime nutrition-oriented family physician and teacher, I know how challenging it is to change our diet and eating habits. Let Dr. Denise help us all."

Elson M. Haas, MD, integrated-medicine family physician,
author of Staying Healthy with Nutrition and More Vegetables, Please!


"Reading The Appetite Connection got me thinking in a good way. Dr. Denise invites readers to embrace life, self-love and health. Forget diets! They don't work! Live each day conscious of those moments that bring you joy and let your Appetite guide you to healthy foods that make you feel well long term instead of sugar, salt and fats that make you feel good for a moment and sorry later. Dr. Denise advises with warmth, enthusiasm, and the wisdom of her own experience. She's judgmental: "You're perfect just as you are," she says. "and means it." At last a self-help book that's actually helpful!"

Rebecca Rule, book reviewer for The Concord Monitor, NH for fifteen years


"The Appetite Connection is a delight and must-read for anyone struggling with emotional overeating or stress eating. Dr. Denise has compiled the best of the best advice and ideas on taking control of your Appetite and your life. Each chapter is sprinkled with gold nuggets of not only the latest information on the subject, but action steps that will deliver dramatic results. Speaking from personal experience, she delivers a message that guides the reader to find customized and holistic solutions that lead to vibrant health and wellness. The numerous activities and writing suggestions ensure that the reader has a wealth of options to choose from in crafting an individual strategy to gain balance, radiant health, and a positive "can do" attitude. Read The Appetite Connection before you take another bite!"

Peter Martino, retired colonel, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve




I am your Appetite.
I may look a little sinister but I will soon
become your best friend.
You'll see!

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Who is Dr. Denise?

I'm Dr. Denise Lamothe and I am a professional international speaker, emotional eating expert, clinical psychologist, and doctor of holistic health. I am the author of the popular book The Taming of the Chew: A Holistic Guide to Stopping Compulsive Eating, the founder of Emotional Overeating Awareness Month, have appeared widely on television and radio, and have been quoted extensively in print, including in O: Oprah Winfrey Magazine.

I was a homeless college drop-out, survived multiple eating disorders, raced motorcycles and single-parented three children to finally craft my own life of balance and joy. I have spent my career encouraging people to focus within themselves to discover how to create their own delicious life and the body they long for. Yes, the answers you need are inside of you and I would love to assist you as you journey inward to discover precisely what you need to live your own very best life.

About Dr. Denise

Based on her personal and professional experience having overcome multiple eating disorders, failing in college, surviving a period of homelessness, and raising three children as a single mother, Lamothe's journey is an extraordinary testament to the power of hope, optimism, and personal power. This is the first ever book of its kind to attack the physical, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual causes of overeating and to encourage readers to move from outer-directed to an inner-directed personal dialogue, The Appetite Connection: Six Steps to Your Delicious Life and the Body You Long For inspires and encourages readers to intuitively clarify personal goals to determine their own ideal health and maintenance plan.

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